April 13th marked the six-month Captureversary of the arrest of Dennis Bradford in my case, and it was definitely a day to celebrate! Jonathan and I spent the day up in Austin, because my friends at AMW were there filming for another case and invited us up to visit! "The Yogurt Shop Murders" is an awful cold-case out of Austin in which four teenage girls were murdered inside the "I Can't Believe It's Yogurt!" yogurt shop back in 1991. I was honored to have the chance to have met the families of the girls, and also meet with John Walsh for a second time, and see all of the wonderful people on the AMW crew. My thanks AMW & John Walsh, for yet another day to remember! I believe that America's Most Wanted will capture those responsible for the deaths of those 4 beautiful, young girls.

National Crime Victims Rights Week is coming up, April 18-24th. The theme this year is "Fairness. Dignity. Respect." I couldn't think of a better theme, and I'm proud that I'll be speaking at two events during National Crime Victims Rights Week. I'm Using My Voice, what I am set out and destined to do, and ecstatic about it. I hope that I can make a difference and give victims and families hope and inspire them to never give up. Here's to conquering CRIME, one VOICE at a time...


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