I'm Alive!

What I can't understand is... why people would go to a website, such as mine, www.justiceforjennifer.com, and not take the time to read my story before they e-mail me. I do NOT like getting e-mails about being "sorry for my loss" or "sorry for my family's loss"

...I'm NOT dead!

I'm an ALIVE & WELL 27 year old woman on a mission to find the man that ATTEMPTED to murder me.

Key word: ATTEMPTED!

I hope this clears up the confusion! =)

Thanks to all of you who have written supportive e-mails, and signed my guestbook, your support and prayers are very much appreciated!


Jennifer <3

p.s. - I have a big secret I'm keeping...hopefully I won't have to keep it much longer, and I'll be able to share it with you all!

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