Giving back to the community..

For a long time, I've had this yearning to get involoved with my community and "give back" in a many people searched for me when I was missing, sent me cards or letters with words of encouragement while I was in the hospital, and there were fundraisers to help with medical bills, and, I have, at times, felt like there's a piece missing from my life...for some reason, I just haven't necessarily felt completely....complete. So, when I saw an ad in my local newspaper for The Citizen's Police Academy, I joined, and I LOVE IT! The class is so much fun so far, and very interesting, and makes me feel as though I'm doing something great within my community. We meet once a week for 15 weeks, and go over a different topic each time, relating to police work. I recommend it to all of you that are interested in seeing what police go through on a daily basis, if your community offers such a program. =)

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