Needing to vent a little...

Sometimes, things are taken out of context, mistakenly. We all do it, but I just want to make sure everyone gets the right information when it's about something that has happened to, with that said:

1) I was NEVER beaten by the man that kidnapped me. There are people now taking it upon themselves saying that I was, and as far as I know, over the course of the last 18 years, I've never heard of such or remember that happening, and I remember more about that night than most would, so, it's coming from me that that is NOT true. As if all that happened wasn't bad enough, now people are coming up with more to add to the story that is already enough in itself.

2) My case was NEVER closed and then re-opened. It's been open this whole time, and will be open until it is solved. Some of you are hearing that it was re-opened by the FBI, however, it's been open the last 18 years, and it was chosen by the FBI this year, amongst a total of 5 "cold"cases in the U.S., to be worked on, and hopefully solved within a year.

3) I don't know why the media keeps saying that my bedroom WINDOW was OPEN the night I was kidnapped through my bedroom window. MY WINDOW WAS CLOSED SHUT, AND LOCKED, and the curtains were drawn closed. So, I don't know where the media has gotten some of their information from, but my window being wide open...that just isn't true, either.

- just wanted to clarify these 3 things for everyone, as it bothers me when people receive information that isn't true.

Thanks everyone, again, for your support! Please continue to spread the word about, and sign my guestbook if you haven't already!



smhiles said...
May 20, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Hi! I just saw your story on the news and it broke my heart.
As I went on website and your blog, i noticed on this blog you say talking about your case (#2) "and hopefully solved within a year". That shows the power of your voice!!!! Exactly 1 year later they captured this creep. So amazing how God works. You are in my prayers and i admire your strength!! YOur a strong, smart, beautiful woman, dont let anyone take that away from you!!!

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