Regaining My Voice...

This blog site is titled "Jennifer's Voice" because after undergoing surgery on my neck and windpipe, doctors said that I was left permanently unable to speak. But, as we all know, God works miracles, and one day, laying in ICU, I got mad over not getting a candy bar that I wanted, and if you know me, you know I'm a choc-o-holic AND I can be a little demanding at times! I wanted a Twix bar, I was determined to get it. Frustrated, as you can imagine, at 8 years old, having to write everything down on paper, tired of undergoing tests and being hooked up to machines, I just wanted that piece of chocolate. I just wanted to SCREAM when I was told "no." So, I tried it...I tried screaming. When that didn't work, I tried calling out my uncle's name, hoping I'd come upon a voice and he'd hear me and give me what I wanted, and....wait! Something was happening! A "Ja" sound came out of my mouth. The next thing I knew, doctors were being called upon and rushed to my bedside as they put tubes down my nose and throat with cameras on the end, asking me to make animal sounds. "Alright, Jennifer, now Moo like a cow." "Quack like a duck." "Bark like a dog." ... nothing was working. Everyone must have just been imagining they heard me make a sound with the voice I no longer had. To make a long story short...soon after, I proved them all wrong, no one was imagining what was soon to come...I regained my voice, by the grace of God, and haven't been quiet since. Before regaining my voice, and afterward, I was able to give a description of my attacker.

From the descriptions I gave came these drawings that were done by a sketch artist:

Suspect's vehicle


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