Here It Goes...

I'm overwhelmed. I feel as though I could break out into tears at any moment. Tonight, my case will be aired on The Wheel of Justice, a great local program incorporated into The KPRC Channel 2 Newscast. Thank God for caring, supportive people. The messages of support I've gotten over the last week, and especially today, is just amazing! I feel as though I've waited so long for SOMETHING to happen... a break in the case, a suspect...and now that the media is involved, and I've got the best detective and special agent I could ask for working my case, I'm confident my phone will be ringing very soon with some surprising information. I've never agreed to be on local t.v. before, until tonight, so I'm nervous. But, being nervous is okay as long as I encourage at least one person to speak out with me, or one tip gets called in. Tune in @ 10 p.m. on Channel 2 if you're in the Houston area...if not, catch the newscast live on

Here it goes....wish me luck!

Use your Voice,


Amber said...
August 21, 2009 at 9:27 AM

Wow you are an amazing person I saw your story last night and it brought me to tears I recently bought a house on California @ that same field. I dont think I will ever look at that field the same. I pray that someone knows who that person is and they catch him!

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